Aspire Richmond


Inclusion BC

Aspire Richmond is a member of Inclusion BC which is a provincial non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the participation of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life.


In February 2007, Aspire Richmond registered Richmond HandyCrew Cooperative under the Cooperative Association Act of BC. Responding to the goal for employment identified by many individuals supported, this social enterprise was founded by Aspire to create work opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Richmond HandyCrew Cooperative (RHCC) is a mobile work crew that operates within Metro Vancouver and more specifically in the City of Richmond. HandyCrew employees are primarily individuals with a developmental disability who have the desire and skill set to work. RHCC provides training, education and employment opportunities in painting, garden maintenance, minor repairs, light carpentry, catering, home maintenance, moving and more.

Membership in Richmond HandyCrew Cooperative is derived from the individuals and families supported by HandyCrew and other people who share our vision of an inclusive community. Because HandyCrew is a cooperative enterprise, the employees are the owners; in addition to earning wages for hours worked, HandyCrew members also share in annual profits. This allows the individual employees to contribute to their own financial independence and improve their sense of inclusion in community.

HandyCrew employees develop interpersonal relationships with each other and with customers and enhance their skills and competence, including learning on-the-job safety and understanding contracts. These skills are transferrable and have assisted some HandyCrew employees to move on to secure employment in local businesses.

Richmond HandyCrew Cooperative provides a valuable service to Richmond businesses and homeowners. Aspire’s Employment Services supports RHCC by booking both regular contract work and occasional odd jobs. Richmond HandyCrew Cooperative provides skilled, reliable workers using commercial equipment and eco-friendly supplies where possible. Owned by employees who are personally interested in the co-op’s success, RHCC is committed to building a business that provides quality service to Richmond residents and businesses.


Deafblind Services Society of BC

For nearly 30 years Deafblind Services Society (originally called Deafblind Rubella Society) supported individuals with access to intervention services, offered housing options and provided community inclusion opportunities to ensure health, well-being and lives of dignity for those served. In April 2015, RSCL assumed the delivery of services in Richmond for two group residential programs which provide housing for six people and two community inclusion contracts previously offered by DSS.