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Community Inclusion

Aspire Richmond believes in a person-centred approach to service delivery. All adults supported in our Community Inclusion programs lead their own annual personal planning session which may include members of their family, friends and key support workers. Through this planning session, the individual identifies goals, both long- and short-term.

With these goals in mind, Aspire offers a range of services which respond to the changing needs of those we serve.

Life Day Services
LIFE Day Services offers program participants the opportunity for social inclusion, recreation, creative expression, life skills development, volunteerism and employment. With a goal toward skill development, participants engage in and contribute to their community through four LIFE Day Services program sites in Richmond.

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Employment Services
Employment Services responds to the desire of individuals living with a developmental disability to pursue employment as a means to full inclusion in our community. At the same time, the program also addresses employers’ growing demand for qualified, reliable employees by providing creative employment solutions, candidate screening and one-to-one support through the hiring and training process.

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Outreach Services
Outreach Services supports individuals with a developmental disability to achieve full community inclusion and an improved sense of belonging. Outreach Services provides customizable support to individuals who are seeking to enrich their lives through an improved social network, increased community access and enhanced community connections.

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