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Housing Options

Moving away from the family home is often a stressful topic for parents of an individual with a developmental disability. As parents age, it may be difficult for them to identify an appropriate living situation from within the family unit.  At the same time, many adults with developmental disabilities who have experienced full inclusion in school and employment, hope that they too will “move out”, just like their typically developed peers.

Recognizing the unique support needs of families at these transitional stages, Aspire provides a range of options to meet the desires of each individual and family.

Individuals who are looking for residential options outside the family home must be eligible for residential funding though Community Living BC. Visit Richmond’s CLBC website for more details.

Supported Living

Aspire has been providing staffed residential care for more than 30 years and is a recognized leader in quality of care in the City of Richmond. Currently operating 8 homes in different Richmond neighbourhoods,

Aspire staff create a warm, nurturing environment for the individuals supported, ensuring that the individuals residing at each home are able to contribute and participate fully in their community.  Each home operates as an “extended family” which includes the individuals supported, their families and support networks, and staff.

Independent Living

Independent Living promotes skill development and independence through supports based on the needs of each person served to ensure safety and full community inclusion.

Independent Living provides opportunities and supports for people with developmental disabilities to have choice regarding where they live so that they can attain and maintain a happy and healthy life. Individuals are supported to develop social networks among their peers, their neighbours, families and the broader community.

Home Share

Home Share offers individuals and their families an alternative to group home living. The program matches the needs and desires of the individual with a roommate or family who can offer companionship and care in a semi-independent setting.

We are recruiting Home Share providers on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in becoming a Home Share caregiver, please complete the following application: