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Infant Development Program



The Infant Development Program (IDP) is a home-based program designed to assist families to encourage their child’s development. IDP consultants are professionals trained to guide you in responding to your baby’s needs. A consultant will work with you to plan a program of activities to encourage your child’s learning and development. All areas of development are considered (i.e. motor skills, language, social, social, play and learning skills).

The Infant Development Program:

  • Provides a program of regular home visits, responsive to the family’s needs;
  • Assesses your child’s development in all areas;
  • Suggests activities for play-based learning to help your child make progress;
  • Provides resources including books, toys and videos on loan;
  • Runs seasonal parent workshops;
  • Puts you in touch with other community professionals;
  • Supports parents through the child’s transition to preschool.

Who is the Infant Development Program for?

Any child from birth to three years of age who:

  • Is delayed in their development (i.e. sitting, walking, talking);
  • May be at risk for a delay in their development;
  • Has a known disability.

How do I get involved?

Families are referred to the Infant Development Program through a doctor, a community health nurse, other community agencies or parents can also self-refer.

Is there a cost?

Participation in the Infant Development Program is voluntary. All services are free of charge. If other services are needed by the child, the IDP consultant can help to refer to the appropriate resource. IDP is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Benefits for your child

Involvement in the Infant Development Program helps your child become more independent; discover his/her abilities; and learn new skills.

Benefits for the parents

The Infant Development Program helps parents learn methods to help their child progress; learn more about their child; meet other parents; and discuss parenting issues with parents who understand and share the same concerns.

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